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First Church of the Nazarene – Kankakee, Illinois Trip Report

“How Great Is Our God”

By Scott Remmenga, Kankakee 1st Church of the Nazarene
Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2013

What an awesome God we serve.  This was my third trip to Haiti and I could hardly wait to get back after a long year of planning and fundraising.  Our group of 19 was poised to build a house, run a medical clinic, paint at the orphanage and mission house, and have a vacation bible school (vbs) each night to talk about God’s love.  I was intrigued to see what had changed in the past year.  For starters the airport was new and actually had a baggage claim area.  Wow, certainly not what I expected.  As our group went through customs God’s protection was shown as our two medical professionals were asked to accompany their bags of medical supplies and enter into a separate room.  It was unclear whether all our paperwork was in order.  Less than a minute later they returned with no problem and all our supplies intact.  Hallelujah, what confirmation from the very beginning that God was with us.


After leaving the airport the reality of Port-au-Prince hits you front and center.  Although not my first time taking in the surroundings the conditions always take my breath away.  My prayer was for our meager efforts to be blessed.  Though the conditions appear overwhelming God has called us to make a difference.  Progress in the city though slow, has continued.    Government electricity comes in 12 hour day shifts with minimal blackouts.  Although the joke seemed to be whenever the power went out Kim was in the shower.  It was great to have others from CFM join our group and add to our laughter for the week.  Other improvements included sidewalks being constructed.  Who would have thought I would ever see that?

Saturday and Sunday were spent building relationships with all around us and worshipping in the church just a short walk from the mission house.  How awesome to see the joy in people’s faces as we praised and thanked God in multiple languages.  VBS was started on Sunday evening with children’s bible stories passed out in Creole.  How cool to see the children and adults light up as they read about God’s love in their own language.

God’s presence and protection was with our group throughout the week.  Prayer always makes a difference!  Our needs seemed to be met often before we knew something could be wrong.  Examples like the box truck getting through check points without a hitch or our group of three vehicles being waved through a check point while everyone else was stopped.  People who just happen to be walking by the clinic at the right time so we could provide the treatment needed.  Our devotion times in the evenings renewed hearts and providing the perfect peace only God can provide.  I also have to share about the incredible prayer services at the Church on the Rock which started at 6 a.m. each day.  This group of hundreds has been meeting daily since the earthquake 3 years ago.  One morning I was greeted with the singing of “How Great Is Our God” in English.  Talk about my heart overflowing – Go d was beyond real and felt as soon as you entered this large church tent.


Though I could go on and on, this final story seems most appropriate to end on.  One afternoon while at the building site about 10 kids had gathered and a few of us were playing and hanging out.  There were a few snacks left from lunch and the kids were hungry.  I passed out a few fruit cups, granola bars, and a few individual bags of crackers.  There wasn’t enough for all to have one of everything but I gave all we had to the kids.  To my amazement each fruit cup was opened and after taking a little juice and couple of pieces the cup was passed on the next child.  This group of hungry children shared all the other snacks received the same way – equally.  What an example and key reminder that blessings should be shared!

If you are looking for a fresh anointing I challenge you to go on a mission trip and step out of your comfort zone.  Haiti is a beautiful place with people longing to be loved.   Share your blessings with the Haitian people and I guarantee God will bless you all the more!

“Medical Report – A Week of Surprises”

Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2013
By Jenn Klump

I am thankful for the opportunity presented to me in visiting Haiti via First Church of the Nazarene in Kankakee, Illinois and Christian Fellowship Mission. The desire to assist on the global health scale has always been present and I certainly had a great introduction during our trip. We brought a physician, a midwife and a paramedic as well as five ancillary members to help with organization, distributing medications and treatments, providing follow up as needed and interpretation services. Over the course of three days we provided a clinic open to the neighborhood of Delmas and the surrounding areas. Residents as far way as Jacmel were also seen.


We initially thought the majority of our patients would be women and children, our area of specialty, yet that was not the case. God had different plans for us. General family health issues were addressed including an overwhelming number of individuals with anemia, fungal infections, high blood pressure, and air quality respiratory issues. Other conditions seen that touched us include a grandmother caring for her autistic grandson, a pastor with poorly controlled diabetes, a group of individuals with tumors requiring surgery and a mother with depression, a sleep disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. We were awestruck by the multitude of people whom complained of abdominal pain. This pain was first thought to be heartburn related to the nature of the Haitian diet, yet with time we realized it was hunger pains. It was disheartening to know there are so many people living in this area that do not have access to food and general healthcare for one reason or another. Poverty was the overwhelming theme.

The clinic was able to reach over 275 people. We were able to serve the Christian Fellowship Mission funded boys orphanage by contributing school physicals, bringing the total number of individuals seen to over 300. The group was unable to elicit a cure for everyone although we were able to provide education, human connection and prayer.

I, myself, feel that I learned a great deal from the Haitian people and this experience. In a world where much is not just allotted but expected, these citizens were thankful and gracious for our assistance. They have a strong belief in God and know that He will provide. We should all follow their example.

I had such a heartwarming experience during this trip and I plan to support future mission trips to Haiti and would love to return to the area providing health care services and education to assist them in obtaining the quality of life they deserve.

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Ethos (Bay Shore Mennonite Church) Haiti Trip


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CFM Trip report 7-16 to 7-26-12

Nancy, Ashley arrived in Haiti on Monday the 16th. One day prior to Eric and Briana and the Hartville Mennonite Church MYF team.

I met with Randy Mansfield, Arnold Polk, and Cody Troyer along with the Haitian block training team on Tuesday morning. The block machine is starting up really well.


The MYF team repainted the girls orphanage and built a few screen doors.  We went to Papa Charles church at 8:00 for an hour. At 9:00 we went to the mission house and had Florine share some of her story to us. What great Faith stories that she had to share!

Block machine update: A couple of guys quit and we added a few guys but they are all doing a great job. They will be operating the machine Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday. This will give Cody Creole classes on Wed and Sat with Eric and Briana. Cody will live with Eric’s but on Mon and Thurs night he would stay at the mission house. It would give him a couple of nights to connect with the community and one of those nights he will have a Bible study with the block team. After the first full week of work they have a little over 800 block made.


Thanks and blessings!

Marion Coblentz

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Haiti Trip Report From Lindale Mennonite May 28 to June 14, 2012

We planned a trip to Haiti for this summer with the intent of working at the boy’s orphanage in Port-au-Prince for two days and spending the rest of the week in Leogone, working on Pastor Henoch’s house, near the community called The Reserve.  We were also interested in purchasing land to build a church for the church at The Reserve that Pastor Enoch, his brother Mark and two other pastor’s are in charge of.


John Schaefer and Andre Hertzler left to go to Haiti on May 28th.  Andre wanted to return to Haiti and was not able to go when the main group was planning on going so John took him a week early to prepare for the others who were coming on June 5th.

When they arrived at Port-au-Prince, Jared Coblentz picked them up at the airport with the CFM pick-up.  In talking to Pastor Oxy, they discovered that Oxy wanted three doors put on the church expansion if they were able to do that work.  Oxy secured the doors.  Our group got the jambs and hinges when they arrived.  A trip was made to Leogone to secure materials to work on the foundation of Pastor Henoch’s house.  It has been leveled since the earthquake and Henoch and his family have bee living in tents on the old slab.

Linwood Vrolijk, Alec Vrolijk, Mike Oswald, Jack O Neal and Eric Hostetter arrived in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, June 5th, the same day Andre returned to the US.  They were able to get the material for the door jambs and hang the three doors on the church expansion.  They then made their way to Leogone and prepared the foundation for pouring at Pastor Henoch’s.

On Sunday morning, three of the men preached short sermons in the church at The Reserve.  I arrived on Sunday afternoon.  I needed to come late because of a wedding I had committed to perform.  I preached on Sunday evening and we were all ready to pour concrete on Monday morning.  Our team of seven and about seven Haitians poured 12 yards of concrete, all mixed and carried by hand, in one day and the foundation was prepared.


On Tuesday we stripped the forms and ordered the sand, rock and block for the walls on phase one to be laid.  We also met with a land owner and made a down payment on 1.59 acres of land to rebuild the church that was damaged in the earthquake two years ago.

We made our way back to Port-au-Prince and visited the boy’s and girl’s orphanages and had an evening meal out with Jared and Jalayne.  It was great to renew relationships and to have had a successful trip once again to Haiti.  Some of us will probably go back in October.  We look forward to continuing to help in the ongoing ministry of CFM in Haiti.  Duane Yoder

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The world needs Hope…is the Lord calling you to be a Missionary?

Christian Fellowship Missions (CFM) is seeking a mission-minded, married couple with a desire to serve God outside the US, for a position in Port au Prince, Haiti. The primary role of this team will be to serve as house parents for a family-style girl’s orphanage, presently serving eight young ladies ages infant to seven years. This unique opportunity begins the Summer of 2013 for a minimum of 3 years.  Missionaries need to raise their own financial support.  CFM provides funding for the maintenance of the facilities, transportation, the care of the children and related staff needs.

CFM, a non-profit organization, has been serving the people of Haiti since 1966. CFM exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, equip servant leaders, assist the poor, care for orphans, and help educate the children of Haiti. CFM provides support to a dozen churches, three schools, several orphanages, as well as other humanitarian efforts.  Visit online at

For more information or to apply, please contact Merv Kennell at or call 941-232-1595

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Meet Our Newest Members of the Missionary Team

Meet Eric and Briana Coblentz and their family on our Missionaries page.

You can also find a link to the Missionaries page under the “What We Do” menu at the top of the page.

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A Replacement Vehicle Is Needed

It has been many years since we had a fundraiser to purchase a replacement vehicle for our transportation needs in Haiti. The present vehicles are aging and expensive to repair. Interest in mission trips has increased following the terrible earthquake, as have the needs of the Haitian people. After shipping several used US vehicles to Haiti we have found it to be less efficient and practical than we had hoped. We plan to purchase our next vehicle in Haiti to avoid the exorbitant shipping and customs fees charged at the port when a vehicle arrives. We hope to purchase a versatile enclosed stake bed truck that can transport our mission teams as well as materials and relief supplies where needed. These trucks are common form of reliable transportation in third world countries and our prior experience with one that Pastor Occius owned was excellent. We will need approximately $30,000 U.S. dollars. Please consider helping with this badly needed vehicle purchase. It is essential to our continuing work in Haiti.


Your tax deductible Donations may be sent to: CFM, P.O. 50035, Sarasota, FL 34232. You may also donate on line from our website at Thank you for your continuing and faithful support for the work in Haiti.

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A Welcome Return to Haiti

By Norm Linder, CFM Supporter
March 7 – 13 2012

It was so good to reconnect with my Haitian friends after a seven year absence. Two years ago I had a stroke and I continue to deal with a number of physical limitations. During my recovery, going back to Haiti became a deep desire and a goal to accomplish. I was not really sure if I would ever be able to make the trip again. With determination and the grace of God I am thankful to say “mission accomplished.”


Hugs, handshakes and tears were shared, past connections remembered, which made for a joyous and emotional experience. Most of my thirteen trips in the past were spent doing construction work, building relationships at the same time. The fruits of both were a meaningful highlight of this trip. Talking and sharing with some of the youth, who were just children when I last saw them, and being told how they are involved with missions and the church, was very heartwarming.

Visiting the girls orphanage and spending quality time with Jared and Jalayne was great. A real blessing was watching them parent and nurture the sweet children. Time spent at the boys orphanage and mission house brought memories of how things were many years ago and how things have changed for the better. God’s faithfulness is evident in the many accomplishments both physical (buildings, etc.) and spiritual (lives that have been impacted.)


Thank you to all who continue to support the work in Haiti. The relationships we share with our Haitian friends and families are truly a gift from God. May we continue to serve Him through the mission of C.F.M.

Norm Linder

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Dynamic Teams Serve in Haiti

By Ronnie Yoder, CFM Board Member

• New Roof and Addition to Citi Soleil Church
• Medical Team sets up Clinic in Citi Soleil

On Tuesday October 4th, five men left Greenwood, Delaware to make the journey through Washington’s Reagan International Airport and Miami to Port -Au-Prince (PAP), Haiti.  Bobby Aycoth, our trusted American Airlines pilot, although not on duty led us through the maze of airport check-in and security and showed us the way to a fine coffee shop in the Miami International Airport.  First timers to Haiti included David Chupp, Dennis Bryfogle and his son Bo.  We were met in PAP by Marion and Nancy Coblentz and I was immediately thrust into the exciting role of driver since there were two vehicles.  At the mission house we were met by my daughter, Evie,  and her special friend Glenn Wenger from Harrisonburg, VA, who had arrived earlier in the day.  Then there were lots of handshakes and hugs with our Haitian friends and since there was no time to go to the job site in Citi Soleil we went to the Visa Lodge for a delicious dinner/supper, term of the city folk or country folk, take your pick.

Wednesday morning after devotions and a breakfast of cereal we were off to the Citi Soleil church to remove the old roof and put on the new.

Getting there is always an exercise in excitement and delicate driving with kids climbing onto and holding onto your vehicle yelling “Hey you” and “Give me money”.  I don’t think we ran over anyone’s toes and safely made it inside the gate.  Gary, Glenn, Bobby and David immediately started taking off the roof while Dennis, Bo and I started building the two trusses for the addition.


That was a real challenge because the addition was a foot wider than the old building. To make matters worse, one end of the addition was three inches wider than the other in a length of just thirteen feet. We did our best to match the new roof line with the old.

The new trusses were approximately thirty feet long and quite heavy so getting them set up on the wall was a little tricky. Plenty of Haitian help was needed for that.

Meanwhile back at the mission house, Evelyn and Lois, Papa Charles’ daughters, were busy preparing a chicken creole meal.  And yes it was absolutely delicious!

On Thursday, the rest of the medical team from Delaware arrived as did more people from Hartville, Ohio.  That brought the total to 24 people staying at the mission house, a few too many for a kitchen that can only handle about half a dozen people.


A medical team set up in Citi Soleil with Haitian Dr. Nono and was a success with many people having their aches and pains attended to.

The medical team consisted of Dr. Aaron Green, Michael and Andrea from Delaware and Evie Yoder from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Friday evening six of us guys went to the Citi Soleil church to spend the evening with some of the Haitian young men and church leaders discussing spiritual things.  That was a high-light for them and us both.  The Haitians just soaked up the camaraderie and the insights that we shared with them.  This was a good way to build relationships.  We spent the night there sleeping on benches and three of us older guys were fortunate enough to have been given mattresses.

Saturday was pretty much a free day and we visited the old palace and walked through the tent city directly across the street.  There was such hopelessness on their part and helplessness on our part, it was a very emotional experience.  I told several in the group that I do not believe God ever intended for humans to live like that.  But because of sin in the world we experience the consequences.

Saturday afternoon we scurried out to Croix de Bouquet to check out the metal art at the Iron Market.  Totally impressive!   Everyone who goes to Haiti needs to see this market.  Haitians taking scrap metal and making something beautiful out of it.


As we ate our last evening meal with team members from other communities, I cherished the opportunity to share together and build relationships.

Sunday morning we made our last trip to the Citi Soleil church to spend an hour in their service under the new roof.  And then it was on to the airport after saying goodbye to our Haitian friends.

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